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Just send an email to the most appropriate email address and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.  is the best address to use if you would like to discuss advertising or any cross promotional ideas or link exchanges. is the best address to use if you find a broken link on any of our pages. Please list the specific page where the link is broken and which link is not working. If you know the newer working link please include it. is the best address to use if you would like to have a custom start page created. We reserve the right to say No for any reason, and will not build a page with any sexually explicit material or for hate groups or anything else that we in our own discretion deem inappropriate. Please include any pictures that you want as the slide background as well as any links that you would like included. The more information you provide, the better job we can do! is the best address to use if you have an idea for us that would help make even more awesome. A human will read every email and we look forward to hearing your ideas. Please be as descriptive as possible and include contact information so we can give appropriate credit to you if we implement your ideas. Please note that once you send us an idea we are under no obligation to do anything with it and if we do we are also under no obligation to compensate you for it. Again, with that being said we want to make a great community and that starts with listening to our users. is the best address to use to report an image copyright violation or anything else that you believe is illegal or inappropriate. We make every effort not to use images that we do not have the copyright holders permission to use. But as many of the images we use are forwarded from fellow users who have claimed they have the appropriate rights to the images, mistakes may happen. We will take down any disputed images as quickly as possible and thank you for your understanding.  is the best address to use to discuss anything that was not covered under any of the other email address descriptions. 

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